Faculty and Topics

Ass. Prof. Y. Alalmanos (GR)


Ass. Prof. E. Briasoulis (GR) Therapeutic management
Dr. E. Eleftheriades (GR) Grading and staging
Ass. Prof. A. Kyroudi-Boulgari (GR) Histology and function
Dr. P. Hamilton ( UK ) Specific techniques in Prostate Pathology
Ass. Prof. R. Montironi (I) Predictive factors in Prostate cancer
Ass. Prof. K. Pavlaki (GR) S.S. Pitfalls in Prostate lesions
Dr. C. Petraki (GR) Preneoplastic prostatic lesions
Prof N. Sofikitis (GR) Preneoplastic prostatic lesions
Ass. Prof N. Stavropoulos (GR) Screening for Prostate cancer
Assoc. Prof. C. Tsampoulas (GR) Imaging
Dr. K. Williamson ( UK ) Flow cytometry in prostate pathology


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