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Part I
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
08.15-09.15 Registrations
09.15-09.30 Welcome Address by Emeritus Prof. Niki J. Agnantis
  Chairs: Dr. M. Bafa (GR), Dr. E. Balassi (GR)
09.30-10.00 “Epidemiology of liver disease”
Dr. M. Doukas (GR)
10.00-10.30 “Anatomy and Histology of the Liver”
Ass. Prof. V. Galani (GR)
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
  Chairs: Prof. C. Tsamboulas (GR), Dr. A. Zioga (GR)
11.00-11.45 “Imaging of the Liver, Part A”
Current Imaging Modalities in Liver Pathology
Dr St. Theodorou (GR), Prof. C. Tsamboulas (GR)
11.45-12.30 “Imaging of the Liver, Part B”
Non-invasive Methods of Estimation of Liver Fibrosis and Serological Markers
Lecturer K. Katsanos (GR)
  Chairs: Prof. V. Malamou-Mitsi (GR), Dr. L. Pappa (GR)
12.30-13.30 Pattern Based Approach to Liver Diagnosis
Dr C. Barbatis (GR)
13.30- 15.45 Lunch Break
  SESSION B: Disorders of the Bile Ducts
  Chairs: Assoc. Prof. D. Tiniakos (GR), Dr. E Sintou-Mantela (GR), Dr. N. Zagoriannakou (GR)
15.45-16.30 Introduction in Bile Ducts and Cholestasis
Assoc. Prof. J. Delladetsima (GR)
16.30-17.15 Fibrocystic Liver Disease
Ass. Prof. E. Karamitopoulou (GR)
17.15-18.00 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
Dr. C. Barbatis (GR)
18.00-18.45 Sclerosing Cholangitis: An Heterogeneous Disorder
Prof. B. Portmann (UK)
18.45-19.00 Discussion
  Opening Ceremony
Welcome Addresses
  Chairs: Prof. N. I. Agnantis (GR), Assoc. Prof. A. Batistatou (GR), Ass. Prof. A. Goussia (GR)
19.30-20.00 Official Opening and IUCP History
Emeritus Prof. N. J. Agnantis
20.00-20.30 Liver Disease: A Challenge for Co-operation
Prof. E. V. Tsianos (GR)
20.30-21.00 In Memoriam of George Tiniakos
Prof. B. Portmann (UK)
21.00 Get together Cocktail!
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
  SESSION C: Hepatitis
  Chairs: Dr. E. Ioachim (GR), Dr. J. Panelos (GR)
09.00- 10.00 “Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis”
Dr. M. Demonakou - Vatopoulou (GR)
10.00-11.00 Slide Seminar I: “Pitfalls in Liver Pathology”
Assoc. Prof. J. Delladetsima (GR) & Dr. M. Demonakou (GR) & Dr. S. Sakellariou
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
  Chairs: Dr. C. Barbatis (GR), Ass. Prof. D. Peschos (GR)
11.30-12.15 “Non-Viral Infections Liver Disease”
Ass. Prof. E. Karamitopoulou (GR)
12.15-13.00 “Autoimmune Hepatitis and Differential Diagnosis”
Dr. G. Kafiri (GR)
13.00-13.45 “Drug-Induced Liver Disease”
Assoc. Prof. J. Delladetsima (GR)
13.45- 16.00 Lunch Break
  SESSION D: Fibrosis/Cirrhosis and Liver Regeneration
  Chairs: Dr. P. Zagorianakou (GR), Dr. C. Damala (GR)
16.00-16.45 “Current Concepts on Liver Fibrosis”
Prof. M. Guido (IT)
  Commentators: Prof. Ch. Scopa (GR), Assoc. Prof. Delladetsima (GR)
16.45-17.30 “Vascular Disorders”
Dr. A. Fotiadou (GR)
17.30-18.00 Coffee Break
  Chairs: Prof. D. Stefanou (GR), Dr. S. Kamina (GR)
18.00-19.00 Slide Seminar II: “Pitfalls in Liver Pathology”
Assoc. Prof. D. Tiniakos (GR)
19.00-20.00 “History of Liver Pathology”
Assoc. Prof. D. Tiniakos (GR)
21.00 Dinner
Part II
Thursday, April 26, 2012
  SESSION E: Metabolic Liver Disease
  Chairs: Prof. H. Vrettou (GR), Ass. Prof. A. Goussia (GR)
09.30-10.30 “Major Metabolic Disorders”
Prof. V. Tzioufa (GR)
10.30-11.30 Slide Seminar III: “Pitfalls in Liver Pathology”
Ass. Prof. M. Tzardi (GR) & Dr. L. Giannikaki (GR)
11.30-12.00 Coffee Break
  Chairs: Assoc. Prof. Batistatou (GR), Dr. N. Simou (GR)
12.00-13.00 “Fatty Liver”
Assoc. Prof. D. Tiniakos (GR)
13.00-16.30 Lunch Break
  Chairss: Asoc. Prof. J. Delladetsima (GR), Dr. E. Tsanou (GR)
16.00-17.00 Slide Seminar IV: “Pitfalls in Liver Pathology”
Prof. P. Hytiroglou (GR) & Dr. A. Fotiadou (GR)
17.00-17.30 Coffee Break
  SESSION F: Liver Transplantation: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  Chairs: Prof. M. Fatouros (GR), Prof. N. J. Agnantis (GR),Dr. Ch. Charalambides (GR)
17.30-18.15 “The role of the Clinician”
Ass. Prof. G. Glantzounis (GR)
18.15-19.15 “The role of the Pathologist”
Prof. M. Guido (IT)
19.15-20.00 “Focus on Research”
Cell Cycle and Apoptosis in Liver Disease
Ass. Prof. A. Mitselou
20.30 Dinner
Friday, April 27, 2012
  SESSION G: Neoplastic Diseases: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  Chairs: Prof. V. Tzioufa (GR), Dr. M. Demonakou (GR), Dr. E. Lampri (GR)
10.00-10.45 “Benign Tumors of the Liver”
Dr S. Sakellariou (GR)
10.45-11.30 “Premalignant and Malignant Hepatocellular Lesions”
Prof. P. Hytiroglou (GR)
11.30-12.15 “Cholangiocarcinoma and Precursor Lesions”
Prof. B. Portmann (UK)
12.15-12.45 The role of the surgeon
Ass. Prof. G. Glantzounis(GR)
12.45-13.15 “The Role of the Oncologist”
Dr. Ch. Tolis (GR)
13.15-13.45 Examination
-End of the Course-